Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Threads and Motifs

 Hello everyone!I am a huge fan of Threads and Motifs.I even didn't know about them,once I was looking at curly fries blog only then I came to know about them.Here are some dresses I liked the most,dress on number one is my favorite,this dress comes in three colors hot pink,beige and black color.I wanted to order this dress for my myself in black color,but it was out of stock.Sorry guys I couldn't save black colored dress.It was same just like a dress below,they used maroon color velvet patch in place of black colored patch used in dress below.I could save these images from Google but not from their official website.Here is the link from where we can buy these dresses cheaper than their original website.
As I mentioned that I liked number one dress the most,but I liked other dresses too.Now lets talk about second number dress,how elegant this dress looks,velvet patches and very stunning embellishments.Last dress also designed very elegantly,upper portion of shirt and full sleeves in maroon color and lower portion in off white color,golden color embellishments,very thoughtfully designed,I liked the idea of velvet lace on border of shirt.Overall,I liked all three dress,what do you think?Please give me your views,please write me if anyone previously ordered from this website.

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